Books: The Practice of History in India:: Essays in Search of a New Past by Anirudh Deshpande

In the last few decades, professional historians have raised important questions regarding the theories, methods and practices of history extant since the earliest times. Oral and visual history, for instance, have assumed a renewed significance in our times. The role of memory in the creation of multiple historical narratives which influence our thinking is being reinvestigated by the social scientists in general and historians in particular. To make Indian MA and research students aware of these historical insights and methods the course Practice of History was introduced in the History Department of Delhi University some years ago. This book presents seven essays on history writing as it can be fruitfully practiced in India. The mentioned course includes topics like Modern Historiography, the Annales School, Marxist Historiography, Oral History among other things. This book is pedagogically important to students and teachers of history in India. Free from jargon, it is presented in easily readable English. Although meant primarily for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, it will be appreciated by the lay public inundated with fake news based on myths in these 'post truth' times. Readers will certainly rethink their historical perspectives in response to the theoretical themes discussed critically in this book divided into seven terse and informative chapters.

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