Prof. Seema Bawa

Professor Seema Bawa is a Professor specializing in History of South Asian Art and Culture at Department of History, University of Delhi. Books written by her include Gods, Men and Women: Gender and Sexuality in EarlyIndian Art and Religion and Art of the Chamba Valley, A.D. 700-1300. The areas of research focus on Indian Art Ancient Indian Art and Iconography; Western Himalayan Art and Religion and Modern and Contemporary Indian Art. She was the recipient of DAAD Fellowship to read at the University of Bonn.

She has recently researched narrative depiction of Ramayana and visual hagiographies of Ganchi.She is currently working on Gupta and Post Gupta Shivaism in Northern India, exploring the experience and manifestations through image-text studyand the differential evolution of the Shaiva tirtha and pilgrimage networks.

She has lectured extensively in India and abroad on Indian art, architecture and iconography including Institute of Archaeology, the National Museum, India Habitat Centre. Her research papers on early Indian sculptures and architecture have been published in many journals. She writes on contemporary Indian art and culture for national newspapers, specialized journals and magazines, has edited ARTimes and curated shows including the Decorated Cow: Sidharth and Shatadru: Feminine Sensibilities in Indian art for Lalit Kala Akademi.  

The scope of her intellectual interests range from academic to popular culture and mass media as also ancient Indian to contemporary Art practices. She has written extensively on contemporary cultural policy, art history and criticism. Her application of academic knowledge in curation of art exhibitions, workshops, art writing for popular and specialized publications, theatre design and compiling contemporary Art History.

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