Prof. Saiyid Zaheer Husain Jafri

I am a Professor of Medieval Indian History, Department of History, University of Delhi. I have authored An Anatomy of a Transformation: Awadh from Mughal to Colonial Rule (1998), reprinted with revised and enlarged version as Awadh: From Mughal to Colonial Rule (2016); and co-edited, The Islamic Path; Sufism, Politics and Society in India ( 2006) and, The Great Uprising of 1857; Studies, Commentaries and Documents (2009), and Essays on Literature, History and Society[2010]. Also brought the compilations on behalf of the Indian History Congress, Recording the Progress of Indian History; Symposia Papers of the Indian History Congress 1992-2010 (2012) and History, Ideas and Society: S.C. Mishra Memorial Lectures in History (2014). Recently, I have edited Delhi and Awadh in 1857: Studies, Images and Documents, (2020).

I have also compiled Masnad-e Faqr-o Irshad: Tarikh Khanwada e Karimia Naeemia Salon (2003), and Ahd- e Wusta ka Hindustan: Tassawuf, Adab Aur Muslim Thaqafat (2008), both these works were selected by Urdu Academy, NTC Delhi for the research award. Also brought Awadh Key Ek Sufi Sanstha Khanqah Karimia Salon: Itihas, Shiksha Aur Sanskriti key Aayam [2016] Also jointly compiled Al-Ghars al-Wahdi fi Rasa’il al-Shaikh Na’im bin al-Mahdi: Majmu’at Rasa’il Hazrat al-Allama Shah Muhammad Na’im ‘Ata al-Saloni, in Arabic (2016). My present research interest engages around the Sufi institutions, the Great Uprising of 1857, Transmission of knowledge during India’s medieval past and Colonial impact on the Indo-Muslim society and institutions of learning and Awqaf in the Upper Gangetic Valley.

Besides heading the Department of History, Delhi University (2007-10), I served as the Secretary of Indian History Congress (2012-2015); and have presided over as the sectional president of the 44th annual session of Punjab History Congress (2012) and the 77th annual session of the Indian History Congress (2016) and as the General President of U.P. History Congress during its 23rd session (2012), and 37th session of Rajasthan History Congress (2017).  

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