Prof. Jaya S. Tyagi

I hold a Ph. D., and have been teaching History in the University of Delhi for the past thirty-three years. I am presently Professor in the Department of History and also hold the additional position of Director, WSDC (Women’s Studies and Development Centre for Advanced Study) in the University. I have been a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advance Studies, Shimla (2010-2012) and also done a course in Historical Linguistics from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachussets.

My areas of specialization include ancient Indian History, social history, gender studies, studies on households, religion, rites as well as rituals and their social context. I have published the following monographs-Contestation and Compliance’: Retrieving Women’s agency from Puranic Traditions, 2014, (monograph published by Oxford University Press) and ‘Engendering the Early Indian Household, Brahmanical Precepts in the Gṛhyasūtras’, 2008, (published by Orient Longman Publishers). I have also coedited a volume on Indian History and Culture, 2013 (In English and Hindi, published by Ratna Sagar and University of Delhi). I have written several articles in peer reviewed journals and chapters in edited volumes.

As Director of WSDC since 2015, I have spearheaded the Center into being given the status of a UGC recognized Center for Advanced Studies. The Center has an interdisciplinary orientation and undertakes activities related to research on gender and intersectionality. It is also involved in capacity building and training of research scholars and teachers while also being actively engaged in community outreach and gender sensitization. I have also been the Chairperson of the Internal Complaints Committee of the University.

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