Prof. Anirudh Deshpande

I teach modern and early modern Indian and European history at the Department of History, Delhi University. I have authored The British Raj and its Indian Armed Forces, 1857 – 1939, OUP, 2002; British Military Policy in India 1900-1945: colonial constraints and declining power, Manohar Publishers, 2005; Class, power and consciousness in Indian cinema and television, Primus Books, 2009; The First Line of Defence-Glorious 50 Years of the Border Security Force, BSF, Shipra Publications, 2015; Hope and Despair: Mutiny, Rebellion and Death in India, 1946 Primus Books, 2016 and The Practice of History: Essays in Search of a New Past, Akaar Books, 2020.

I have more than seventy academic papers, commentaries, reviews and numerous articles since 1987 in journals and newspapers such as Indian Economic and Social History Review, Studies in History, Economic and Political Weekly, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Contemporary India, Book Review, Biblio, Mainstream and Hindustan Times, Telegraph, Tribune, Pioneer and Amar Ujala. I am a regular commentator on India’s only bilingual journal Forward Press dedicated to social justice. A commentary on ‘Treating the Visual as an Archive’ in the EPW, December 22, 2018 (ISSN 0012-9976) marked the 26th year of my consistent publication in that prestigious journal. I have a double peer reviewed entry The Wars of the English East India Company, 1740-1849, in the International Encyclopaedia of War, Wiley-Blackwell, edited by Gordon Martel, 2012. In 2015 I wrote the Introduction to the English translation of Govind Pansare’s famous Marathi book Shivaji Kon Hota - Who was Shivaji, published by Leftword Books. A double peer reviewed entry in the OUP Online Research Encyclopaedia of South Asian History called The Indian Army 1850-1950 has been published in August, 2019. I write Hindi short stories, four of which have been published in newspapers and journals. My novel Dreamt Lives (Solar Books, New Delhi) was published in 2018 and has received excellent reviews on Amazon. Other publications include: ‘The Indian Fort as Site of Intersections’, Book Chapter in Radhika Seshan (ed.), Narratives, Routes and Intersections in Pre-Modern Asia, Routledge, London and New York, 2017; ‘Past, Present and Oral History’ (Special Article) in the Economic and Political Weekly, 22 July, 2017; ‘Tiger by the Tail: Demobilization of the Indian Army of War, 1918-1923’, Book Chapter in Alan Jeffreys (ed.), The Indian Army in the First World War, Helion and Company, Solihull, 2018. [ISBN 978-1-911512-3]; ‘Locating Syed Ahmad Khan in Colonial India’ in Forward Press, April 2018. [ISSN No. 2348-9286]. My novel Dreamt Lives and short stories Interview and Corona CV have been serialized on the multilingual online literary journal MartruBharti. My latest paper on the quotidian life of Marathi speaking soldiers in 18th century has appeared in Hakara (September, 2020), a bilingual English-Marathi journal.

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