Departmental Activities

The Department of History is a place of learning, where students, scholars, thinkers and activists, all of different hues, gather to debate and share their knowledge of History. History is more than a calling; it is a mode of reasoning and interpretation. All of us function as historians, but to be adept historians we have to learn how to frame questions and analyse evidence. We teach students how to parse the detritus of the past, in archives, literature, art, architecture and other material remains. This is carried out through formal course work, research guidance, seminars, workshops and conferences; through interactive class discussions, writing assignments, fieldwork and semester exams. Teachers and students alike study and research how material, philosophic and quotidian structures shape human societies: at different junctures of time, what did ‘development’ mean; how were aspirations for social change voiced and smothered over the long course of history that shaped our modern world?
The Department being one of the leading institutions in the field in India with a huge global footprint organizes international conferences and seminars on regular basis to host some of the world’s distinguished scholars. The Department runs a weekly Seminar series, in which it invites scholars from across the world to discuss their ongoing research in different areas of history. Our seminar series brings students in close proximity to scholars that they study and our workshop series gives them an opportunity to question and learn how some of these scholars question research and write. Our post graduate and research students are intrinsic participants in the organisation and successful conclusion of all Departmental academic activities. As funding permits the Department of History organises Conferences on a variety of themes. Since 2012 the Department also holds an annual National Research Scholars Conference on regular basis where our MA students learn how to prepare for the Research Programme and frame their research agendas from their seniors.

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