Prof. Parul Pandya Dhar

Parul Pandya Dhar is a historian of visual arts, with long years also in the field of performing arts. Her work engages with Indian art and architecture, art historiography, and connected histories of South and Southeast Asia. She has authored The Torana in Indian and Southeast Asian Architecture (2010), edited The Multivalence of an Epic: Retelling the Ramayana in South India and Southeast Asia (2021) and Indian Art History: Changing Perspectives (2011); and co-edited Temple Architecture and Imagery of South and Southeast Asia (2016), Asian Encounters: Exploring Connected Histories (2014), and Cultural Interface of India with Asia (2004), besides contributing several research papers. She has been awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellowship Germany (2007-08), the CAA-Getty International Travel Award, USA (2012 & 2018), and the Nehru Trust Research Award, UK (2004), and has served on the editorial committees of the EFEO-Paris and Visual Resources journal (Taylor & Francis). She is currently writing on issues relating to art and mobility, and epic encounters across the Indian Ocean, and is also collaborating on a project about visuality and collective memory. 

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