The Practice of History in India:: Essays in Search of a New Past by Anirudh Deshpande

Book Launch: Education and Inequality: Historical and Contemporary Trajectories ed. by Vikas Gupta, Rama Kant Agnihotri, and Minati Panda

Gods, Men and Women Gender and Sexuality in Early Indian Art by Seema Bawa

An Earthly Paradise Trade, Politics and Culture in Early Modern Bengal by Raziuddin Aquil

Book Launch: Locating Pleasure in Indian History by Prof Seema Bawa

Women and Gender in Ancient India: A Study of Texts and Inscriptions by Vijaya Laxmi Singh

Weaving Hierarchies by Santosh Kumar Rai

The Torana in Indian and Southeast Asian Architecture by Parul Pandya Dhar

The Making of Womanhood by Shalini Shah

The Gender of Caste by Charu Gupta